Stein Tan

Stein Tan is a high achiever that has been through both the lender side and broker side of the industry. Before moving towards the broker side, Stein worked for Canada’s largest alternative lender, Home Trust. His passion to help individuals who are also interested in personal investment through various growth vehicles has brought him to EQT Mortgages and enter the broker side of the industry. 

Stein is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor that sees personal investment to encompass education, real estate and mortgage. Investing in oneself via education is self-explanatory. As for real estate and mortgage, this is where one invests in a place called “home” and in a time called “retirement.”

Buying a home for the first time may be one of the largest and most important decisions that one needs to make during one’s lifetime.

This phase is filled with ambivalent emotions of joy, anxiety, and fear. While buying your first home may be scary at first, it nonetheless does not have to be such. With Stein’s years of experience as a lender and investor, financing your dream home should be the least of worries because he brings his knowledge and expertise to finish the journey with you. 

Should you have already bought your first home, congratulations! While buying your first property secures your basic need to shelter, family and home, buying your second property will be the vehicle that secures your retirement. With Stein’s knowledge and years of experience, he can show you how to unlock the full potential of your home, in order to secure a second property that will then secure your retirement. 

With Stein’s help, you will in due time be moving closer to financial freedom, as you would have already secured your home and your retirement.

While the future is bright and golden, there are some dues in life that we need to pay, in order to live it to its fullest. Some instances of life dues are our children’s tuition and our elder’s care fee. In both instances, you can trust and benefit from Stein’s experience in unlocking the full potential of your properties, in order to pay life’s dues. 

Unlock your full potential and live life to the fullest by reaching out to Stein today. Stein’s knowledge and expertise can help you achieve the maximum outcome when it comes to purchase, refinance, and debt consolidation. Let Stein show you the way to the success that he has walked and lived. Call Stein today at 647-889-8298 or email at im@steintan.com

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Slide I went t for new mortgage, Stein was very professional and sounds very experienced. I was not suitable for A lenders and they told me right before when we started the application, I got my mortgage from B lenders with very competitive rate in a week couple days before closing. Guobin Ma Slide I met Stein and did my private mortgage, I got the funding within 48 hours, it was quick enough for me to do the closing! Excellent services! Great job! 朱趣 Slide Professional service! Staff always keeps me informed from the start till the end of my mortgage application. Eddy Du Slide Exactly what I wanted. They took care of everything. Great people! hao zheng Slide I met Stein and the team a few months ago, they are extremely professional and provides solid advice when comes to mortgages and lending. Will certainly send business your way! Alice Ma Slide Better rate compares to most other private lenders I contacted with. I got what I needed within a week. Kunxiao Zheng